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Translation and the law

Image created using Dr James Hadley, researcher in translation/translingual studies at the School of Advanced Study, gives a taster of a ground-breaking new project on the world of legal translation that is bringing together the expertise of the Institute of Modern Languages Research and the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies.

#PotW: Anti-democratic ideology and criminal law under Fascist, National Socialist and authoritarian regimes

The Fascist, National Socialist and other forms of authoritarian regimes that emerged in the twentieth century used criminal law as a key component of their repressive and social control strategies. Criminal law was both an instrument in such regimes’ exertion of power, and a medium through which their core ideologies were expressed and could be […]

Why is training so important for professionals working in the legislative environment?

The LLM is a course in International Corporate Governance, Financial Regulation and Economic Law, which offers a unique opportunity for academic and professional legal training for candidates who are already working in the financial markets or wishing to pursue a career in this sector. In this guest post Dr Mahmood Bagheri tells us more about how the LLM fits into […]