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#PotW: Multisensory emotion processing in the adult and infant brain

When: Thursday 9 February 2017, 5 – 7pm
Who: Institute of Philosophy, Centre for the Study of the Senses (CenSes)
Where: Room 246, Second Floor, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

Speaker: Sarah Jessen, University of Lübeck

Humans very successfully recognize others’ emotions. It is the combination of a variety of information channels – including facial, bodily, and vocal expressions – that allows for this rapid and effortless recognition of emotions. The contribution of each of these channels and the nature of their interplay in particular under ecological valid conditions will be the focus of my talk. In several studies, we investigated the combined perception of emotional information in particular from bodies and voices. Focusing on the expression of anger and fear, we presented participants with short video clips in which emotions were expressed visually, auditorily, or audiovisually. I will present data from both, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) as well as electroencephalographic (EEG) studies that suggest a very early interaction between the different sensory modalities. Furthermore, we observed clear differences in processing between emotional and non-emotional information. While these findings all pertain to emotion perception in human adults, I will end my talk by discussing a current study which takes a completely different approach to multisensory emotion perception, namely an EEG-study investigating the role of visuo–olfactory integration in emotion processing in human infant.

This seminar is part of the Rethinking the Sense project funded by the AHRC.

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