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The voyage that never ends: ‘discovering’ our worlds

Of all the 18th-century publications about Captain Cook’s voyages at Senate House Library, the major one is undoubtedly that compiled by George William Anderson, A New, Authentic, and Complete Collection of Voyages round the World, explains Dr Karen Attar, the library’s curator of rare books and university art.

Black futures

 #PoTW: ‘Time Come’ Britain’s black futures past

‘It soon come’, runs the refrain in Linton Kwesi Johnson’s 1974 poem ‘Time Come’. ‘It soon come / look out! look out! look out!’. In the Institute of Historical Research’s 2019 Wiley Lecture, Dr Rob Waters will draw on the research for his new book, Thinking Black: Britain, 1964–1985, to unpack this sense of impending change […]


British imperial indenture system a ‘sanitised’ form of slavery

The abolition of slavery was the catalyst for the system of indenture, under which the British brought Chinese and East Indians to the Caribbean to labour on the region’s sugar plantations. The first wave arrived in Mauritius in 1834, followed by Guyana (1838) and Trinidad (1845). By the time the system, which also operated in […]

The empire of sentiment: a lesson in myth emotion and the abiding legacy of arrogant paternalism

Because of his ‘ubiquity in the media and his bombastic, bullying buffoonery’ it is easy to take pot shots at Boris Johnson, says Professor Keith Somerville. However, he will not let this ease of task put him off his aim to use the foreign secretary’s highly offensive remarks about Africa to illustrate how the myths […]