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Climate change: our planet and health are under serious threat

To protect people from the impact of climate change and bring about transformation, we need educational institutions to train a new breed of policymakers, managers and scientists who can ‘steer this planet towards less emissions and less waste, while creating new jobs and reducing poverty’, says Dr Rolph Payet, United Nations executive secretary for the […]

Lions and humans

Lions and humans: navigating the history and our relationship with the ‘king of beasts’

Since the death of Cecil the lion at the hands of an American hunter, the issue of the best way to conserve increasingly threatened lion populations has become ever more controversial, says Professor Keith Somerville, whose new book, ‘Humans and Lions. Conflict, Conservation and Coexistence’, is published this month. 

The Gerald Durrell legacy: my career and other animals

Image: Pair of Orangutans in Durrell Wildlife Park, Jersey, Channel Islands  The Durrells, the ITV series based on the late Gerald Durrell’s book: My Family and Other Animals, is now in its second year. Professor Keith Somerville, a recently appointed member of the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology at the University of Kent, explores the […]

Botswana’s elephants and conservation – are things starting to fall apart?

Image: © Elephants without Borders, ©bush24, ©Keith Somerville Just over a year ago, stealing the title from Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe, Professor Keith Somerville wrote a report entitled No longer at ease: clouds on the horizon for Botswana’s conservation success story after a research trip to the Chobe Enclave, eastern Linyanti, Maun and Gaborone. In it he pointed to the gradual growth […]