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Digital diasporas

Digital diasporas: languages, cultures and communities across borders

Migration and the rapid rise of digital media and communications are arguably two of the defining features of our contemporary age, says Dr Naomi Wells a postdoctoral research associate at the Institute of Modern Languages Research (IMLR).  While individuals and groups migrating across borders is not a new phenomenon restricted to the present day, we […]

Kepler’s Trial: out of many disciplines, one opera

Kepler’s Trial, an opera based on The Astronomer and the Witch by Professor Ulinka Rublack, tells the extraordinary story of Katharina Kepler (1546–1622), whose celebrated astronomer son, Johannes, defended her against accusations of witchcraft. It is the culmination of a highly unusual creative process, in which a team of leading scholars met regularly to explore […]

Madonnas and Miracles: The Holy Home in Renaissance Italy

Image: Woman at her devotions, c.1590–1600, Leandro Bassano (1557–1622) Italy, Veneto (oil on canvas, 105 x 88.5 cm), UK private collection The ‘Madonnas and Miracles’ exhibition at Cambridge’s Fitzwilliam Museum is a highly successful example of how interdisciplinary research (in this case, a four-year European Research Council-funded Synergy project) can be brought to the attention of […]

#PotW: MacroCognition in humans and insects – The Human Mind Project Seminar Series

Should explanations in cognitive science always begin from individualist assumptions? Animals must process sources of information that help them to eat, drink, and reproduce. And natural selection typically increases the frequency of genes associated with individual fitness, as individuals with such genes tend to reproduce more frequently than those with rival alleles. So self-preservation plays […]

Memories of the Future

Tomorrow (Friday 2 May 2014) Senate House will host an exciting 2-day interdisciplinary conference on the interrelation between the imagination of the future, memory and the future of memory. In this guest post Emanuela Patti (IMLR) talks about the forthcoming conference. The Memories of the Future conference is about to start. Utopian visions of the […]

The Human Mind Project

  The Human Mind is an ambitious international and multidisciplinary project representing a coordinated effort to define the major intellectual challenges in understanding the nature and significance of the human mind. Central to the project is the importance of collaboration across conventional disciplinary boundaries. It will highlight the contribution of the arts and humanities to […]

The History of Sexuality: A new seminar series from the Institute of Historical Research

A guest post by Justin Bengry (Birkbeck/McGill) While numerous seminars at the Institute for Historical Research have long welcomed papers from historians of sex and sexuality, no single seminar provided for a broader dialogue on the subject across region, period and theme. Spearheaded by team members at the Raphael Samuel History Centre, the new IHR […]