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#PoTW: Writing bilingually in early modern Europe: a symposium on philosophical and scientific self-translation

Self-translation was a widespread phenomenon in early modern Europe, but remains largely uncharted in modern scholarship. There have been isolated studies of important figures – mainly literary authors such as Leon Battista Alberti, Joachim Du Bellay or John Donne. However, we do not know enough about the activities of self-translators in other domains, including those […]

Interpreting communities

Image: © Shutterstock How can research in modern languages help us understand the relationship between languages and communities – and what role can it play in improving community formation? It’s the theme running through a major research project in which the Institute of Modern Languages Research at the School of Advanced Study, University of London, is […]

Linguistic protectionism: good or bad?

Last Sunday (26 March), a week of 1,500 events celebrating the French language all over the world came to a close. This year’s theme, ‘The virtual world’, had a decidedly forward-looking flavour that Dr Juliette Scott believes was selected to challenge the legacy of Jacques Toubon, the former French culture minister who passed a law […]