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Let’s talk about the science of belief

Image: Étienne Delaune (c. 1518–1583), Plate 14 from the series The Genesis showing the building of the Tower of Babel. Engraving, 1550–1572. © The Trustees of the British Museum Ahead of their sell-out live discussion at the British Museum on 26 January scientists Sir Colin Blakemore and Professor Tom McLeish, examine what the cognitive impetus which drove the emergence […]

Beirut Madinati – civil movement from protest to politics

On 8 May elections for the Beirut Municipality took place in Lebanon. Dr Claire Launchbury, a specialist in French and cultural studies, whose research concentrates on Beirut, explains that while it might not seem a grand affair in terms of power stakes, it was an incredibly symbolic vote as there has been no democratic scrutiny […]