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Clinical Governance and Leadership – 27 November 2014

Clinical governance and leadership. Invented in the UK, exported to NZ.  Developments that can contribute to NHS England This lecture by Professor Robin Gauld will report the late-1990s in response to various failures in medical professionalism but also to promote equal emphasis in NHS organizations on accountability for both clinical performance and financial performance, and […]

‘I want to make the argument for poetry in our lives, whatever our discipline, whoever we are’; Reflecting on the Launch of Prospering Wisely

On Wednesday 12th of February I went had breakfast at the House of Lords. Unfortunately, I can’t pretend that this is how I generally start my Wednesdays. I was invited to these grand surroundings on business, specifically to attend the launch of a new website and publication from the British Academy: Prospering Wisely: How the […]

The SAS Annual Review – Heston Blumenthal explores our senses

Next month the School of Advanced Study will award Heston Blumenthal the degree of Doctor of Science honoris causa, in recognition of his pioneering research and achievements.  For this year’s Annual Review (published next week) we talked to the innovative chef about his multi-sensory approach to cooking. Heston Blumenthal is well known for his television appearances, cookbooks, and […]

#PoTW – Corporate Power and Human Rights

This event is the first in a series exploring the impact of ‘corporate power’ on human rights, part of the Human Rights Consortium’s Corporate Power and Human Rights Project. The theme of this event is ‘corporate power and information control’.  Large business entities are increasingly able to set political agendas and use their financial largesse to […]

#PoTW – CenSes Workshop: The Artful Brain

From Ghiberti’s development of perspective to Gombrich’s work on illusions in art, the science of perception and the arts have long been interconnected. Recent developments in neuroscience, and the emergence of ‘neuroaesthetics’ (or experimental aesthetics), are contributing new insights into our appreciation of works of art, and our aesthetic preferences. But they also raise fundamental […]

Is it time to start using social media to promote academic projects?

At SAS it is our role to promote and facilitate research. As part of a one-year JISC-funded SMART project, the central communications team has been working closely with staff across SAS to expand and develop the social media presence of the School and its 10 institutes as part of a broader communications strategy. One of […]