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Black futures

 #PoTW: ‘Time Come’ Britain’s black futures past

‘It soon come’, runs the refrain in Linton Kwesi Johnson’s 1974 poem ‘Time Come’. ‘It soon come / look out! look out! look out!’. In the Institute of Historical Research’s 2019 Wiley Lecture, Dr Rob Waters will draw on the research for his new book, Thinking Black: Britain, 1964–1985, to unpack this sense of impending change […]


‘A few Tarzans and men Fridays … of obscure origin’ — Britain’s shameful history of indenture

Image: © Commonwealth Foundation Priya N Hein talks about her fictionalised account of Britain’s shameful treatment of the Chagos islanders in the second of our series of interviews with the contributors to ‘We Mark Your Memory: writings from the descendants of indenture’. Published by the School of Advanced Study and the Commonwealth Foundation in association with […]


#PoTW: The invention and reinvention of decolonisation: rethinking the ‘waves’ narrative

This one-day workshop, sponsored by the School of Advanced Study at the University of London, will pose a number of questions about global decolonisation. Was ‘decolonisation’ a European invention designed to ease the ‘white man’s burden’ and pave the way for a neo-colonial system of extraction and dependency? Was it a Latin American invention intended to […]


British imperial indenture system a ‘sanitised’ form of slavery

The abolition of slavery was the catalyst for the system of indenture, under which the British brought Chinese and East Indians to the Caribbean to labour on the region’s sugar plantations. The first wave arrived in Mauritius in 1834, followed by Guyana (1838) and Trinidad (1845). By the time the system, which also operated in […]


#PoTW: Visualising ‘blackness’ in Latin America and the Caribbean, 16th-19th centuries

In recent years, a rich wave of scholarship has been examining representations of ‘blackness’ in the visual cultures of the Atlantic world. It is an avenue of enquiry particularly germane to Latin America and the Caribbean, home to the world’s largest African diasporic populations, and allows us to understand how peoples of African descent and […]

Brazil abolition of slavery exhibition

#PoTW Labour of freedom – the photography of Lita Cerqueira, in celebration of 130 years of the abolition of slavery in Brazil

When: 1–20 May 2018, 5pm Who: Institute of Latin American Studies and Brazilarity Where: Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU This photographic exhibition is presented by Braziliarty and the Institute of Latin American Studies. It celebrates the 130th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in Brazil which was the last American nation to do […]

Miranda Kaufmann's Tudor

Out of Africa: stories of pioneering black Tudor women

Dr Miranda Kaufmann, a senior research fellow at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, provides a glimpse into the lives of some of the pioneering women she came across while researching the overlooked stories of Africans in Tudor Britain. The resulting publication, Black Tudors: The Untold Story, was shortlisted for the 2018 Wolfson History Prize, which […]