The LLM is a course in International Corporate Governance, Financial Regulation and Economic Law, which offers a unique opportunity for academic and professional legal training for candidates who are already working in the financial markets or wishing to pursue a career in this sector. In this guest post Dr Mahmood Bagheri tells us more about how the LLM fits into wider issues of laws and regulations of financial markets.

Ordinary people’s lives and living standards are strongly affected by changes and developments in the capital markets, stock exchanges and banking sector. Whether a country is developed or developing, the forces of globalisation have inevitably internationalised financial markets to the extent that a crisis in one part of the world affects the lives of people in other parts of the world. The financial crisis of 1997, which hit the tiger economies of South East Asia, and the 2008 global financial crisis are examples of how this internationalised financial market can affect everybody.

Such crises and scandals underline both the important role which financial markets play and also the perils which they inherently entail. This is why comprehensive and interdisciplinary knowledge at all levels related to the operation of such markets is essential. In response to this need, we offer an LLM in International Corporate Governance, Financial Regulations and Economic Law to better equip those who are already employed in the sector, as well as those who have just graduated in law, business, economics or in similar subjects but wish to take a postgraduate course. The LLM is all about enabling professionals to learn the skills, expertise and knowledge required to minimise negative impact in the sector and to help those who are seeking to secure their professional place within this vibrant, ever-changing and competitive area of the economy.

In my view this LLM is structured perfectly to suit those who wish to enter into the public financial sector (such as central banks, insurance regulators and financial regulators). It is also relevant for those wishing to enter the private financial sector. In the past we have had students from both the public and private financial sectors choosing dissertation topics closely related to their area of practice and their ambition.

The LLM is supported by a team of academics and practitioners from both a legal and economic background, who joined forces in 2008 to launch this interdisciplinary programme. At the outset, Professor Kern Alexander assumed the task of managing the programme and in 2009 I took over this responsibility as coordinator and course director.

I would say that the modules offered by the LLM are varied, diverse, and cover all aspects of laws and regulations of financial markets, as well as the activities of corporations. After completing the taught modules, students enrolled on the LLM embark upon a written dissertation on a topic of their choosing. This builds upon what they already learnt during the course and helps expand the boundaries of their knowledge in a specific field.

Each year I have the privilege of working with energetic and enthusiastic students who join this unique master of laws programme. With our base at the University of London, students who take the LLM are also integrated into a network closely aligned with the financial district of London and are exposed to the wider activities and events taking place within the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies.


Information about the author

Dr. Bagheri is currently the Course Director for the LLM in International Corporate Governance, Financial Regulation and Economic Law and also a Senior Associate Research Fellow who teaches the International Trade and Finance module on the LLM programme. He specialises in international financial law and has widely published on topics such as financial services under GATS, competition and integration among stock exchanges, internationalisation of securities markets and regulatory challenges, private international law of securities transactions and the role of informational intermediaries in financial regulation.

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