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Virtual travel isn’t such a new idea

Image: a picture of Jerusalem from the Nuremberg Chronicle (1493) The explosion of virtual reality (VR) technology is transforming how we think about travel, says Dr Matthew Coneys. With a VR headset and the right app you can enjoy a risk-free ascent of Everest, or visit the Australian outback without the inconvenience of flying halfway around […]

Don’t shoot the messenger! Free speech is at the heart of democracy

Chloe Pieters on how increasing attacks on journalists constitute a threat to free speech and human rights On the eve of the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists, observed annually on 2 November, UN experts warned that the world is witnessing more attacks than ever on journalists, spurred on by hate speech […]

Law and the Tower of Babel in a post-Brexit world

Image: © Shutterstock In this post, Dr Juliette Scott reflects on how Brexit could bring unexpected opportunities in legal translation. As I write, it seems inevitable that the UK will be leaving the European Union – potentially accompanied by ‘softer’ negotiations in the light of the recent election. Scrambling to address this new, unprepared landscape, leading […]

Reloading the matrix – the research revolution

Photo courtesy Roger Gaskell Rare Books: ‘Filippo Arena (1708–1789), La natura, e coltura de’ fiori (Palermo: A. Felicella, 1767–68), 3 volumes 4to, Tab. 9.’ It’s not just digital images that are being uploaded and catalogued by the gigabyte on the internet. Their very means of production – from cut woodblocks to engraved metal plates and lithographic stones – are […]

Linguistic protectionism: good or bad?

Last Sunday (26 March), a week of 1,500 events celebrating the French language all over the world came to a close. This year’s theme, ‘The virtual world’, had a decidedly forward-looking flavour that Dr Juliette Scott believes was selected to challenge the legacy of Jacques Toubon, the former French culture minister who passed a law […]

Children with disabilities denied access to equal education

Photo by Sophie Giffard, taken with permission Megan Cowley, a recent graduate of the Understanding and Securing Human Rights master’s degree offered by the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, was awarded the 2016 Albie Sachs Prize for best dissertation. She describes her research conducted in a rural district in Nepal, which she used as a case study […]

Imagining the Guyanas and the rights of its indigenous women

Image: Tati Nova/Shutterstock The 3 G Network conference, ‘Imagining the Guyanas: ecologies of memory and movement’, is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the history, culture and peoples of the three Guyanas – Guyana, Suriname and French Guyana. Sonya Rahaman, whose heritage is part Guyanese, has long been inspired by, and curious and intrigued […]