This post takes a quick look at what the School is doing to enable its researchers to publish Open Access.

As most of you will know scholarly publication is in the process of change. For a long time now we’ve accepted the subscription service route; institutions pay for access to the research that they and others publish. This has kept much research out of the public domain, but requirement of publishing Open Access is now upon us.

Each institution will handle Open Access differently and it is therefore important to check with your own institution. Almost a year ago now the School of Advanced Study (SAS) set out in a statement its current stance on the subject.

“The School recognises that major research funders in the UK encourage if not increasingly demand Open Access, as do most international funding bodies, and therefore encourages its researchers, wherever possible, to take account of Open Access when deciding where to publish. In its willingness to comply with these mandates, the School is, now and for the foreseeable future, in favour of Open Access by means of the Green Route.”

The full statement can be read here

In short, SAS has confirmed that it is dedicated to the Open Access routes and has now set out how it will be initially achieving this aim.

If you are a member of SAS and currently work on a Research Council UK (RCUK) project then you NEED to be thinking about Open Access and which route you will need to take. As SAS Space manager I’m here to help so please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions.

This post was written by Dr Matt Phillpott, manager of SAS Space and SAS Open Journals for the School of Advanced Study.