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#PotW: Remembering Conrad Russell

When: Thursday 22 September 2016, 6pm Who: Institute of Modern Languages Research Where: Wolfson Conference Suite, NB01/NB02, Basement, IHR, Senate House, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HU Professor Penny Corfield (Royal Holloway), Professor Linda Levy Peck (George Washington University), and Professor Nicholas Tyacke (UCL) reflect upon and celebrate the life and work of the late Professor Conrad Russell, […]

#PotW: Work Stories: Documenting, Narrating and Representing the French Workplace

Work has become a critical site for apprehending broad changes in France’s society, culture and economy and their imprint on individual and collective life. At once localised and enclosed, the workplace is also traversed by structural transformations at national and international level. The purpose of this conference is to bring together a wide range of disciplinary and critical perspectives on […]

#PotW: Nelson Mandela: Myth & Reality – 5 December

The Institute of Commonwealth Studies is convening a seminar to discuss the complexities of Mandela’s ideology, political relationship with other liberation movements within South African society, his record as the first black President of South Africa; and his contribution to South Africa’s reintegration in the international system , after decades of ostracism. 5th December 2014 marks […]