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annus horribilis

The threat to a digital ‘brand Windsor’ as Covid-19 disrupts public life

The coronavirus presents the British monarchy with a set of unique short-term and long-term challenges. In this third and final article, written in connection with the release of The Family Firm, Dr Ed Owens reflects on the royal response to the Covid-19 crisis and the consequences of the pandemic for the crown as we look […]

Family Firm

The family firm falters – part 2

As the royal commentariat pore over the minutiae of the statement released by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex concerning their transatlantic future, the bigger question now is how does the House of Windsor move on from the Harry-Meghan episode and set a new course of travel in anticipation of the succession of King Charles […]

Commonwealth Day

Commonwealth Day – who really runs the show?

The royals have been piling into the Commonwealth arena as though it were a grouse shoot. ‘For an organisation that has struggled for decades to escape the long shadow of the British Empire, this sort of love-bombing is a distinctly mixed blessing,’ says Professor Philip Murphy, director of the Institute of Commonwealth Studies at the […]