By Katia Pizzi

Welcome to a PORT for modern languages! This is your gateway to a vast and intriguing treasure trove of multi-lingual resources, from French to Spanish, from German to Polish, from Italian to Portuguese, from Russian to Lusophone, Czech and much more! Libraries, archives, culture and arts centres, schools, and a score of centres of cultural exchange and interaction both in the UK and in the wider world are within your grasp! This vast array of research opportunities includes funding opportunities and specific tuition on how to get hold of them.

Specifically, our material covers French, Italian, Spanish, German, Czech, Polish, Russian and Portuguese studies, and to some degree Francophone, Hispanic, Latin-American and Lusophone cultures as well. A PORT for modern languages provides links to and information about institutions, e.g. libraries, archives and museums with a focus on modern languages and cultures, as well as web-based resources. We give practical advice on access, facilities and usage, as appropriate. To access our resources, click on Here, a range of individual modules will give you access to options for different kinds of resources relevant for one particular language, e.g., simply open the ‘French’ book and a sub-menu for different kinds of French resources will be revealed.

All this material is conceived as free-standing self-study units but will also be of use to teachers, publishers, translators and others interested in the wider languages field. As a valuable support to face-to-face provision, a PORT for modern languages is more than a research training programme. It is a gateway to the world always within your reach. Please visit us on:

A PORT for Modern Languages is available from the PORT research training website alongside various other training skills resources.