When: Tuesday 13 – Thursday 15 June, 12 – 12.15pm
Who: Centre for the Study of Postcolonial Studies
Where: Outside Chancellor’s Hall, First Floor, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

This exhibition, held in conjunction with Senate House Library, is part of a series of events taking place at Senate House in 2017 to mark the centenary of the abolition of the system of indenture in the British Empire. It is intended to provide a brief introduction to the history of indenture in the English-speaking Caribbean and its literary legacies. While you are free to view the items on display at your leisure, we recommend that you book one of the guided tours taking place between June 6th and June 15th at 12:00pm. Tours take fifteen minutes and are led by an academic specialising on indenture studies.

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For any queries relating to this event, or for additional information, please email the SAS Events Office