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Transnational and multilingual perspectives on the pandemic

As part of the School of Advanced Study’s ‘Open for Discussion’ series, the Institute of Modern Languages Research is holding two public events on 22 and 27 April to debate the lessons that can be learned by looking beyond our borders and languages. The first, ‘Covid-19, International Perspectives and Transnational Collaboration’, explores the need for […]


Encountering Covid-19: lessons from languages

As increasing numbers of epidemiologists and journalists highlight the UK government’s consistently missed opportunities to tackle the spread of Covid-19, Dr Joseph Ford, early career researcher at the Institute of Modern Languages Research, wonders why questions about the role of language and narrativisation have yet to be asked.

Enlightenment and decolonisation

#PoTW: It takes two to tango. Rethinking enlightenment and decolonisation

‘Decolonisation’ has become a buzzword. However, few of those who deploy the term know much about its history, and perhaps more surprisingly, the same is true for ‘enlightenment’. This blissful tandem of historical ignorance is not as innocent as it appears. For many of today’s ‘postcolonial’ and ‘decolonial’ critical theorists and activists, the Enlightenment is the […]

Kana Shodo

#PoTW: Writing women: reviving Kana Shodo (‘Woman-Hand’)

To celebrate National Writing Day, the Book and Print Initiative at the Institute of English Studies has invited Kaoru Akagawa to tell the story of Kana Shodo, a forgotten female script. It was developed and used by noblewomen to express themselves freely within the constraints of 10th-century Japanese court life. Kaoru Akagawa, a designated Master […]