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Transnational and multilingual perspectives on the pandemic

As part of the School of Advanced Study’s ‘Open for Discussion’ series, the Institute of Modern Languages Research is holding two public events on 22 and 27 April to debate the lessons that can be learned by looking beyond our borders and languages. The first, ‘Covid-19, International Perspectives and Transnational Collaboration’, explores the need for […]


The LGBTQ+ community: an underappreciated resource in environmental awareness and protection

Investigating Lesbian responses to the natural world, particularly the ‘back to the land’ movements of the late-20th century, Professor Nancy C Unger, author of Beyond Nature’s Housekeepers: American Women in Environmental History, considers how LGBTQ+ experiences have long-inspired the exploration of alternative paradigms for living with nature.

Operation Tiger

Bigoted British tiger that bit off more than it could chew

Graham McKerrow, a contributor to ‘Queer Between the Covers’ (University of London Press, May 2021), looks at Operation Tiger, the British state’s attempt in the 1980s to prohibit the importation of all queer books, newspapers and magazines, including the latest information about the health crisis then devastating the community.