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In search of Trident in historical Hansard

With historical Hansard fully searchable by speaker and party for the first time, thanks to the ‘Digging into Linked Parliamentary Data’ project based at the Institute of Historical Research, it is now possible easily to explore how particular issues have been discussed in the House of Commons over decades and even centuries, explains Jane Winters, […]

Translation and the law

Image created using Dr James Hadley, researcher in translation/translingual studies at the School of Advanced Study, gives a taster of a ground-breaking new project on the world of legal translation that is bringing together the expertise of the Institute of Modern Languages Research and the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies. Share this article:

Social Scholar seminar: TV, Twitter and history ‘on the hashtag’

Live Twitter commentary and Q&As – both official and unofficial – have become a feature of historical TV programming. What opportunities can this format offer academics? How does it break down conventional hierarchies, and how does it create new ones? What are the uses of history in the present day and how does live tweeting […]

Paul Mason envisages a postcapitalist Amsterdam

We project our ideals, generally, on blank sheets of paper. But what if my own projection – of a postcapitalist economy within 50 years – had to be projected on the first ever urban capitalist economy: the city of Amsterdam. I mean the 250-500 year old brick built environment of canal houses, canals, bridges, pavements, […]

Children’s voices at the heart of research on childhood adversity

Image © Dr Lucy Bowes, associate professor in the department of experimental psychology, Dr Siân Pooley, associate professor in the faculty of history, and PhD students Michelle Degli Esposti (experimental psychology) and Jono Taylor (history), discuss their interdisciplinary research project, based at the University of Oxford. This examines how (and how far) people who […]

Remembering the Reformation

Image reproduced by kind permission of the Chapter of York The Reformation was a pivotal event in the history and heritage of England, Europe and the world. Professor Brian Cummings, one of the leaders of a three-year ‘Remembering the Reformation’ project funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council, explains that ‘what we are remembering […]