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From apartheid to Brexit – decolonisation is a two-way street 

Image: President Nelson Mandela with Michael Manley,  former prime minister of Jamaica and leader of the Commonwealth Observer Group to the first post-apartheid elections in South Africa in 1994. © Commonwealth Secretariat In the ninth of a series of scholarly articles marking the 2018 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in London, Dr Rehnuma Sazzad, associate fellow at the […]

Crisis, what crisis? Commonwealth’s cross-racial character makes for a saner world and ensures its relevance 

As London prepares to host the next Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, senior research fellows at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies (ICWS), provide a challenging range of views on how the Commonwealth which emerged out of empire can renew itself as a vibrant force for the future. In the first of a series of responses […]

Law and the Tower of Babel in a post-Brexit world

Image: © Shutterstock In this post, Dr Juliette Scott reflects on how Brexit could bring unexpected opportunities in legal translation. As I write, it seems inevitable that the UK will be leaving the European Union – potentially accompanied by ‘softer’ negotiations in the light of the recent election. Scrambling to address this new, unprepared landscape, leading […]

Brexit, global power and vulnerability in the Commonwealth

Britain’s free-trade driven post-EU ambitions pose ‘grave consequences for medium and small Commonwealth countries,’ explains Dr Kevin Barker. ‘Caribbean and Pacific states will need to swim against the anti-integration ideological tide that secured victory for Brexit by shoring up their own regional integration movements and speaking to Britain in one voice.   Share this article:

Learning the right lessons from the Waterloo bicentenary

The noted Cambridge historian Herbert Butterfield once observed that, ‘history is all things to all men’. This axiom encapsulates perfectly the attitude of European governments towards the Waterloo bicentenary this month says Dr Jasper Heinzen. The official commemorations have been an odd mélange of international cooperation, national parochialism and indifference, which underlines how contentious Europe’s […]