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Pascal’s jottings in defence of Christianity turns 350

Mathematician, physicist, inventor, religious controversialist, literary author: in a brief life terminated by a lingering, debilitating illness, Blaise Pascal (1623–62) was nothing if not multi-talented. As the curator of rare books at Senate House Library, I think of Pascal primarily in terms of mathematics, says Dr Karen Attar.

Royal Literary Fund Fellow

A Royal Literary Fund fellow reflects on her year at the School of Advanced Study

Founded in 1790, the Royal Literary Fund (RLF) offers aid to writers in financial distress. Its beneficiaries have included Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Mervyn Peake, and Dylan Thomas. One of the Fund’s major donors was A  A Milne, who left the rights to Winnie the Pooh to the RLF in his will. Since 2001, the Fund […]


The ‘Gad’s Hill’ plot thickens – what the Dickens!

While researching the rare book collections of two of Lancashire’s historic libraries Dr Cynthia Johnston, a lecturer in the history of the book at the Institute of English Studies, discovered an intriguing album of correspondence from members of Charles Dickens’ family and a sheet of notepaper with the outline of a plot.


#PoTW: Writing bilingually in early modern Europe: a symposium on philosophical and scientific self-translation

Self-translation was a widespread phenomenon in early modern Europe, but remains largely uncharted in modern scholarship. There have been isolated studies of important figures – mainly literary authors such as Leon Battista Alberti, Joachim Du Bellay or John Donne. However, we do not know enough about the activities of self-translators in other domains, including those […]