1. Karamako k. wa kamba says

    Thank you so much for a well and thoughrouly written article. I had been at the first “Missing link” event last year and reading this article, it’s like I had personally attended the event. It’s a shame that such event can not be organized in DR Kongo at the moment. Our efforts to do so were stopped by those who control the media. Many people in Kongo are still in the dark when it comes to information of sensitive matters such as the uranium. Consignments of uranium have been seized in Kinshasa twice, once at Kasumbalesa borders with Zambia, and twice at Tanzanian borders. This is a threat to world security if there is no proper control and management of a dangerous ptoduct as uranium. Can we imagine if such product fell in the hands of Iranian or South Korean leaders?

  2. I did not know tjat the uranium came from the DRC mines! For many years I thought it came from South Africa. What a revelation. We Africans must shed tears for what the Americans stole from the Congo and used against humanity!

  3. Leonard Mulunda says

    This is a powerful article from Dr Susan Williams. I am glad for sharing a podium with you to talk about the missing link. I am grateful for the work you are doing.

  4. Jacques Jedwab says

    I see no mention of the book published on that subject by the Royal Belgian Overseas Academy in 1983 (ARSOM). I am curious.

    Best regards, JJ

  5. I would like to know more about this fact, since history of the DRCongo has been distroyed.
    Thank you

    Best wishes

    Bernadette Lupeko

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