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Cinemas in the time of crisis

During Oscars season back in February, Dr Sam Manning argued that cinema’s doom-mongers should look to the past to consider how theatres have dealt with threats, such as the emergence of television. Little did the cinema historian, who is based at Queen’s University Belfast, know then that cinemas would be forced to temporarily shut their […]


Diversity and inequality in the library: how the IHR is ‘decolonising’ its collections

Dr Matt Shaw and Michael Townsend talk about the Institute of Historical Research’s (IHR) plans to develop its library holdings and respond to the important charge that discussion and initiatives around ‘decolonisation’ is sometimes just another form of ‘equality talk’. There aren’t many awards for libraries, but if there were, a case for a speech […]

Family Firm

The family firm falters – part 2

As the royal commentariat pore over the minutiae of the statement released by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex concerning their transatlantic future, the bigger question now is how does the House of Windsor move on from the Harry-Meghan episode and set a new course of travel in anticipation of the succession of King Charles […]

Worcestershire Sauce

How Worcestershire Sauce helped shape our perception of the middle ages

Dr Laura Cleaver, senior lecturer in manuscript studies and principal investigator of the European Research Council (ERC)-funded CULTIVATE MSS project at the Institute of English Studies, explores what Charles Dyson Perrins’ collection of medieval and renaissance manuscripts reveals about the rare books trade in the early 20th century.