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Why it matters that Boris Johnson thinks ‘there is such a thing as society’

A remark by Boris Johnson, that “there is such a thing as society” in a recent press conference reflects the all-encompassing social impact of the coronavirus pandemic, says Dr Ben Williams, a lecturer in politics and political theory at the University of Salford. But it was also a significant political statement. His carefully chosen words reflect […]

Sixteen Stormy Days

Sixteen Stormy Days: an interview with Tripurdaman Singh

Dr Tripurdaman Singh, who holds a British Academy Fellowship at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, has just published his new book Sixteen Stormy Days, exploring one of the pivotal events in Indian political history. As India marks the 70th anniversary of  the passing of its constitution, we caught up with him to learn more.

Press freedom

How serious is the Commonwealth about press freedom?

Professor Philip Murphy, director of the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, reports on a conference urging the governments of Commonwealth member states to take concrete action and put the issue of press freedom high on their list of priorities.  How serious is the Commonwealth about media freedom? This was the question we attempted to answer at […]

Middle East

There is more to Middle East politics than ‘tanks, tear gas, and terror’

Dr Dina Rezk, associate professor of modern Middle Eastern history and politics at the University of Reading, would like the conversation about politics and political transitions in the Arab world to be more about the people, and less about ‘tanks, tear gas, and terror’. She is one of ten 2019 New Generation Thinkers whose research will […]