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Middle East

There is more to Middle East politics than ‘tanks, tear gas, and terror’

Dr Dina Rezk, associate professor of modern Middle Eastern history and politics at the University of Reading, would like the conversation about politics and political transitions in the Arab world to be more about the people, and less about ‘tanks, tear gas, and terror’. She is one of ten 2019 New Generation Thinkers whose research will […]

#PoTW:Children of the Windrush Generation

The modern Commonwealth is all round us, not least because of migration into Britain since the Second World War. These population flows included returning communities from the dissolving British Empire, socioeconomic migrants, family reunions and marriage, refugees and asylum seekers. Each one had a unique story of transition and migration, which was infinitely personal and […]


#PoTW: A horizon of (im)possibilities: reflecting on the social implications of recent political upheaval in Brazil

Confronted with realities considered unimaginable only a few of years earlier, Brazil’s political landscape has shifted rapidly. Crucial political events have been occurring at a dramatic pace, from President Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment and her succession by Michel Temer, to the imprisonment of former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and the election of former military […]

Traditional languages

Indigenous languages are essential

Language is the main form of communication and expression between humans. But for Indigenous peoples, explains Cheryl Bellisario, an alumna of the School of Advanced Study’s MA in Understanding and Securing Human Rights, it is also intimately and fundamentally intertwined with culture, approaches to life, and their very survival as a group.