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Social Scholar seminar: TV, Twitter and history ‘on the hashtag’

Live Twitter commentary and Q&As – both official and unofficial – have become a feature of historical TV programming. What opportunities can this format offer academics? How does it break down conventional hierarchies, and how does it create new ones? What are the uses of history in the present day and how does live tweeting […]

Social Scholar: data and visualisation

This month’s Social Scholar seminar features Dr Martin Zaltz Austwick, a lecturer in advanced spatial analysis and visualisation, discussing how he uses data to make sense of, and communicate the structure of communities and spatial systems. I consider myself a quantitative social scientist with a dash of humanity(s), having studied physical science to PhD level, worked […]

Personal heritage and the academy (Social Scholar – 16 December)

This month at the Social Scholar seminar we will be joined by Dr Nick Barratt, director of collections and engagement at Senate House Library. The medieval historian, who will be talking about personal heritage and the use and limitations of digital resources, has agreed to answer a few questions for us. Could you tell us […]

An Introduction to using Twitter (#socialscholar – 20 May 2015)

The final Social Scholar seminar this academic year focuses on Twitter, and in particular offers an introduction for anyone who has had only limited experience or feels that they only have a basic knowledge of using Twitter for work purposes. Matt Phillpott (SAS) will offer introductory training in using Twitter and understanding what makes for […]