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Diversity and inequality in the library: how the IHR is ‘decolonising’ its collections

Dr Matt Shaw and Michael Townsend talk about the Institute of Historical Research’s (IHR) plans to develop its library holdings and respond to the important charge that discussion and initiatives around ‘decolonisation’ is sometimes just another form of ‘equality talk’. There aren’t many awards for libraries, but if there were, a case for a speech […]

Enlightenment and decolonisation

#PoTW: It takes two to tango. Rethinking enlightenment and decolonisation

‘Decolonisation’ has become a buzzword. However, few of those who deploy the term know much about its history, and perhaps more surprisingly, the same is true for ‘enlightenment’. This blissful tandem of historical ignorance is not as innocent as it appears. For many of today’s ‘postcolonial’ and ‘decolonial’ critical theorists and activists, the Enlightenment is the […]


#PoTW: The invention and reinvention of decolonisation: rethinking the ‘waves’ narrative

This one-day workshop, sponsored by the School of Advanced Study at the University of London, will pose a number of questions about global decolonisation. Was ‘decolonisation’ a European invention designed to ease the ‘white man’s burden’ and pave the way for a neo-colonial system of extraction and dependency? Was it a Latin American invention intended to […]

Commonwealth organisation

From apartheid to Brexit – decolonisation is a two-way street 

Image: President Nelson Mandela with Michael Manley,  former prime minister of Jamaica and leader of the Commonwealth Observer Group to the first post-apartheid elections in South Africa in 1994. © Commonwealth Secretariat In the ninth of a series of scholarly articles marking the 2018 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in London, Dr Rehnuma Sazzad, associate fellow at the […]

Can there be decolonisation without respect for African values?

After a recent visit to universities in his home country leading South African intellectual Professor Xolela Mangcu, asks ‘How do we decolonise the curriculum when our young have created their own version of history – when there is no facticity?’ Earlier this month I took the distinguished African writer Ngugi wa Thiong’o, on a tour […]

Stories from the Commonwealth

Research for Commonwealth Oral Histories, hosted by the School of Advanced Study, began in 2013 with the aim to provide a world-class online resource for students, researchers, historians and policymakers. Dr Sue Onslow, senior lecturer at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies (ICWS) and the project’s leader, says the 65 interviews contain powerful stories. This major Arts & […]

Hidden histories: Britain’s secret stash

Dr Sarah Stockwell, a senior lecturer in Imperial and Commonwealth History at King’s College London, discuss the latest in a series of decolonisation workshops organised by the Institute of Commonwealth Studies. I am greatly looking forward to the upcoming workshop ‘The hidden history of decolonisation’ at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies (ICWS) on 20 February. […]

#PoTW – A State of Our Own: Second Independence, Federalism and the Decolonisation of the State in Africa

The lecture interrogates the intriguing features of statehood and politics in Africa. It argues that the decolonisation process in Africa is incomplete without the liberation of the state which retains its colonial cast and remains the locus and embodiment of colonisation. This process is already underway in different forms and at various stages all over […]