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Sixteen Stormy Days

Sixteen Stormy Days: an interview with Tripurdaman Singh

Dr Tripurdaman Singh, who holds a British Academy Fellowship at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, has just published his new book Sixteen Stormy Days, exploring one of the pivotal events in Indian political history. As India marks the 70th anniversary of  the passing of its constitution, we caught up with him to learn more.

World War 1

World War 1, India and memorialisation

Over the past four years, in particular, London’s Imperial War Museum (IWM) has mounted a series of exhibitions underlining the extraordinary contribution by the man (and woman) power from across the empire to the global British war effort in World War I. As the IMW points out, ‘a total of nearly 8,586,000 men were raised […]

Student dissent, media hype and the space for free speech

Universities across the world have been witnessing an increase in student-led resistance to rightwing politics. However, this is not a new phenomenon says PhD student, Rahul Ranjan. In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s shock election win, students across the US protested against the victory and any form of intolerant policies they believed rightwing politics are […]

PoTW – Silk weavers, skill and migration in Britain and Eastern India during the eighteenth century – 31/01/14

The arrival of the Huguenots in Britain and their importance to the domestic silk industry is well known. The French refugees took with them new weaving skills, new designs, and a large workforce. As a result, the English silk industry was able to compete with France as a serious producer for the fashion market. This […]