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‘A few Tarzans and men Fridays … of obscure origin’ — Britain’s shameful history of indenture

Image: © Commonwealth Foundation Priya N Hein talks about her fictionalised account of Britain’s shameful treatment of the Chagos islanders in the second of our series of interviews with the contributors to ‘We Mark Your Memory: writings from the descendants of indenture’. Published by the School of Advanced Study and the Commonwealth Foundation in association with […]

The empire of sentiment: a lesson in myth emotion and the abiding legacy of arrogant paternalism

Because of his ‘ubiquity in the media and his bombastic, bullying buffoonery’ it is easy to take pot shots at Boris Johnson, says Professor Keith Somerville. However, he will not let this ease of task put him off his aim to use the foreign secretary’s highly offensive remarks about Africa to illustrate how the myths […]