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#PoTW: How to respect communities in international development work: languages and cultural knowledge

This free, one-day international conference on 27 June will explore how languages and cultural understanding affect international development, and help to respect communities. Taking place at Senate House from 9am–6pm, it has been organised by the Universities of Reading and Portsmouth, with support from the International NGO Training and Research Centre (INTRAC), and the Institute […]

Global governance on minority rights: assessing the UN Forum on Minority Issues

L to R: Dr Corinne Lennox, Evelin Verhás (Tom Lantos Institute), Dr Fernand de Varennes (UN Special Rapporteur on minority issues), Dr Anna-Mária Bíró (Tom Lantos Institute). © Lilija Alijeva (SAS MPhil/PhD student) Dr Corinne Lennox, a senior lecturer in human rights and co-director of the Human Rights Consortium at the School of Advanced Study, […]

Battle lines drawn over trade in tusks

Image: African bush elephant skull, © JimJones1971 at English Wikipedia Professor Keith Somerville Ivory and elephants have for decades been very emotive topics among conservationists, wildlife departments and NGOs in states which have elephant populations and in Western countries which believe they have a right to tell others how to manage their wildlife resources. This has led […]

Refugee Week Series: Are Regional Protection Mechanisms an improved way of safeguarding the rights of refugees?

Post by Nicholas Maple, as part of our Refugee Week series. The first post, about the Austrian-Jewish Exile Theatre in London, can be found here. The second post, about exile libraries, can be found here. Nick is an MA student on the Understanding and Securing Human Rights Masters Course. Nicholas currently assists with the work of the Refugee Law Initiative. […]